Master Adam Forest - President
5th Dan WTF Black Belt
Master Adam Forest is a full-time Taekwondo instructor. He has been studying Taekwondo since 1987. Master Forest opened his own school in 1992. The success of his school can be largely attributed to Master Forest's true caring for each of his students and his commitment to making a stronger, healthier community. His boundless energy, love of the art and passion for people make Master Adam Forest an outstanding and unique instructor.


Dale Crossland - Vice-President
3rd Dan Black Belt
Chief Instructor Northern Lights Taekwondo in Plamondon Alberta and LLB Taekwondo in Lac La Biche Alberta. Mr. Crossland,along with his wife Leona and sons Ryan and Calvin all 3rd Dan Black belts,work as a team to run both schools as a family orientated club for all ages. Mr Crossland focuses on the five tenets of Taekwondo in his instruction.


Dana Wichert - Secretary and Treasurer







Master Ken Froese - Referee & Tournament Director

6th Dan WTF Black Belt
Tournament Director - 2008/2009 Alberta TaeKwonDo Association (ATA)
IR – International Referee - Class 1 - Sparring
IR – International Referee - Class 2 - Poomse

· Founder of Calgary TaeKwonDo Academy

· Host for the Annual Western Canadian Tournament of Champions
· Established Alberta WTF/TKD referee system
· Refereed numerous Provincial/National/International tournaments


Bill McLaughlin – Communication Director

5th Dan WTF Black Belt
· 3rd class National Referee (Poomse and Kyorugi).
- D.C. certified. Member Coaches of Canada.
· Training since 1999
· Head Instructor of Folding Mountain Taekwondo since 2005


Master Jim Rennie Jr.– Special Events Director


Bruce Whitney & Sabine Goller -- Ethics directors