Welcome to the Taekwondo Alliance of Alberta Website
The Taekwondo Alliance of Alberta (TAA), is a group of Taekwondo instructors committed to the pursuit of quality instruction with openness, integrity, and trust among instructors and students. Our current membership is about 40 instructors representing some 2,000 students from every part of Alberta as well as Saskatchewan, BC and NWT.
The Taekwondo Alliance of Alberta offers a system of support, innovation and leadership to allow instructors and students to achieve their full potential while reflecting the spirit and tenets of Taekwondo.
The Taekwondo Alliance of Alberta provides its members with such major benefits as:
1. Group liability and accident insurance.
2. Group advertising.
3. Active interchange of ideas and techniques.
4. Top quality seminars, special training sessions and trips.
5. Ensures that ALL instructors are provided with the very latest technical and procedural information from the World Taekwondo Federation.
6. Provides continuity of instruction and testing in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Kukkiwon.
7. A large group with common interests allows us to achieve support from various government sport councils and committees.
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